Forrest Pirovano - Cape Cod Paintings

Famous Classic Train Collection
As seen in Classic Train Magazine

Classic Train Magazine

Beautiful pen and ink with water color illustrations by noted artist Forrest Pirovano.
Each is numbered and signed by the artist. A certificate of authenticity is also included.

Nickel Plate S-2 Berkshire

"Nickel Plate S-2 Berkshire"

Nickel Plate Berkshires were big and fast.

Pennsy's Famous K4s Pacific

"Pennsy's Famous K4s Pacific"

Pennsy's K4s Pacific locomotive had widespread fame.

Pennsylvania R.R. E6 Atlantic

"Pennsylvania R.R. E6 Atlantic"

Almost as famous as the K4s Pacific

New Hope and Ivyland Consolidation

"New Hope and Ivyland Consolidation"

Built by Baldwin, a handsome 2-8-0

Wheeling and Lake Erie Atlantic 4-4-2

"Wheeling and Lake Erie Atlantic 4-4-2"

There weren’t many passenger trains on this line.

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